1. University Governance and Management. The session anticipates bringing together members of the University leaders. The session will be intended to dissect and discuss the governance of universities and Institutions, the Interface between University council, Management and other stakeholders, performance management systems and oversight, compliance systems, and improvements.
  2. Local Governance and Decentralization. This session and the special theme will bring together district political and administrative leaders in the region and beyond to discuss special challenges for local governance and decentralization. The session will be coordinated along with local Government ministries and associations.
  3. CSO Governance and media. There will be a particular theme for actors in the CSO and the media to discuss the governance, leadership, and administrative practices and generate areas that should inform academic research.
  4. College and School Governance. This will bring together all heads of schools at primary, secondary, tertiary, and College levels to dissect the governance challenges and practices in these important sectors and generate ideas necessary for research.
  5. Economic Governance. This session will bring together a group of economists and development practitioners to discuss the challenges of economic governance in resource-constrained countries and provide alternative policy proposals on how these challenges can be addressed.